soft washing in haven pa, and state college, pa

Trust us for High Quality Soft Wash Services

Let us help you get on the Straight & Narrow in Lock Haven, State College & Bellefonte, PA

With experience, we have learned that every property is different and presents its own unique challenges. Contact the professionals at Straight & Narrow Contracting and Property Management Services when you are in need of high quality soft washing services.

What WE Provide:

  • Biodegradable cleansing agent
  • Unique specialized equipment
  • Experienced soft wash technicians

What YOU Provide:
  • Outdoor water access

What YOU Receive:
  • Clean, attractive home exterior
  • No property damage

When is it time for a soft wash?

  • Upon purchase of a home
  • Placing a home on the market
  • Revitalization of current property

Why is Soft-Wash better than a Pressure Wash?

There are several instances when a soft wash offers a safer cleaning solution over power washing. Decking, siding, and fencing are all better served with our process. If your property has any of the following, you would certainly benefit from a soft wash:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Stucco
  • Ceramic
  • Drywall